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јрал ѕлюс

Aral Plus is a Russian distributor of pharmaceutical and other medical produce.

For the past 16 years , the company has established itself as a trusted business partner, offering high level of service, competitive prices and reliable delivery to pharmacies and other pharmaceutical companies across Russia. Aral Plus has regional offices in Bryansk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kaluga, Novgorod, Ryazan', Smolensk, Tambov, Tver' and Tula regions.

Our pricelist contains over 5000 items of pharmaceuticals, biological supplements and other medical products from all of the leading producers, domestic, as well as , international.

Competitive pricing policy, flexible discounts, informational support and high level of service allows us to build, maintain and develop client relationships. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients have been working with us for more than 16 years.

Experience gained in the field of pharmaceutical storage allowed us to develop another arm of our business– Safe Custody of our clients stock.

Below are just a few criteria for choosing us as your business partner :

  • Over 20000 sq.m. of warehouse storage space, including 5000 sq.m. for storage under low temperatures controlled conditions;
  • informational on-line support for inventory management and services offered;
  • well designed processes of stock management ad release;
  • great locations with easy transport access;
  • secure car park, enabling for maintain a car fleet of over 100 vehicles;
  • autonomy electricity supply in case of power cut ;
  • existing working relationships with some of the leading producers, such as Berlin Chemie, Zambon, Merz and Vector Medica.

We would be delighted should you express you interest in our services, and will be ready to provide any additional information.  You can call us on +7 (495) 933-44-23.

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