Aral Plus
Pharmaceuticals sales

General information.

Aral Plus was founded in 1994. Since 2000, the company is operated as a separate legal entity registered in Odintsovo district of Moscow region.

Main profile activities.

Bulk retail of pharmaceutical and other medical produce.

Main business focus is on Central Russia.

Moscow pharmacy sales department works closely with independent parmacies across Moscow and Moscow region.

Regional sales team along with our regional offices enables us to supply our products across a number of locations in Central Russia namely: Bryansk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Novgorod, Ryazan', Pskov, Tambov, Tver', Tula regions. 



Company's personnel is well qualified across sales departments, as well as within the logistic team. We currently employ over 500 members of staff, including more than 30 pharmacists and 20 employees with degrees in chemistry.

We demonstrate high level of technical expertise and design in both, servicing our Safe Custody clients and, storage of stock distribution.

Logistical Services.

Since 2005 we offer Safe Custody services for Russian and International pharmaceutical producers. Our transportation department along with highly equipped warehouse facilities are able to offer the following services :

  • Safe Custody of products in a variety of temperature zones
  • creation and release of customer orders on their behalf
  • electronic documentation exchange on clients behalf
  • custody and servicing of any kind of advertising materials
  • delivery of products across our Central Russia business coverage zone.

Warehousing and office facilities.

A number of warehouse's facilities are available to our clients, with overall area of over 25000 sq.m. All our warehouses have easy transport access and are equipped to service the needs of existing clients, as well as providing potential for gaining new ones. Over 2000 pallets of stock are turned on daily basis at our facilities.


All of the warehouses offer multi level storage and are equipped with the following features :
- fire alarm systems
- both automated and manual fire extinguishing systems
- electronic climat and temperature control systems 

- CCTV cameras for security and monitoring each stage of product movement

- all of the stored stock is provided with bar codes


Transportation department.



Aral Plus transport fleet is always growing and improving. We currently have over 70 large and medium transportation vehicles at our disposal, offering 24/7 delivery service to our clients.


We would be happy to welcome any producers interested in having the modern and equipped warehousing facilities. 


We can guarantee :

- Safe Custody Storage

- on-line control of stock levels

- accounting transparency

- payment charge based only on storage area in use (pallets)


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