Aral Plus
Pharmaceuticals sales

Safe custody for medicines, food supplements and other medical produce.

ARAL PLUS offers a custody service for pharmaceuticals, bio supplements and other medical produce.

For the purposes of safe custody, we offer a range of warehouses, all based within 10 km. of the Moscow Circle Road, in an economically thriving Odintsovo District of Moscow Region. 

Our warehouse facilities are equipped with following features :

  • secure and equipped environment
  • loading facilities for dozens of large transportation vehicles
  • humidity and temperature control and support systems
  • storage areas with various temperature thresholds (+2 - +8 С), (+8 - +15 С), (up to +22 С)
  • automated system of electric, heat and water supply as well as automated fire alarms

A multilevel safekeeping warehouse, state of art technical support and a functional office spaces allows us to offer a full spectrum of logistical services for a successful integration and growth within the pharmaceutical market.

Custody of goods is offered on Euro sized pallets 0.8 х 1.2 м Allowed size of such is:
Height: up to 1,4 м
Weight: up to 800 kg

Custody pricing is determined based on volume and temperature requirements of the stock. We will be delighted should you express interest in our services and will be ready to provide any additional information - you can call us on : +7 (495) 933-44-23.

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